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Are You Consistently Buying USA-Made Products for Yourself?

November 13th, 2013 No comments

Yes–Buy USA Means You too!

bu usa-made productsI was at a trade show a few weeks back and stopped at various booths from American manufacturers and one branch of the military– and they noticed they were all handing out promotional items that were Made in China.

That’s right.

These organizations were spending thousands of dollars exhibiting at this particular trade show to promote a “Buy American” theme– and they didn’t even have the forethought to buy American-made promotional items.

Where is that logic?

Where is the consistency of messaging?

How can you expect others to Buy American when you don’t even believe in the cause?

Vet your suppliers to make sure that they are using American factories — for everything!

Buy and drive American-made cars.

Give away American-made promotional items. There are tens of thousands of unique promotional items that are made in the USA–as you can see from our link.

Be sure your clothing and/or uniforms are made int he USA.

Be a representative of all that is good about American-made products.

Be a “Made in the USA” ambassador.

Do not take the easy way out and just talk the talk.

After all, do you want your customers doing the same to you?

Consistently buy Made in America.

Promote America.

Keep jobs in America!

Remember, the American job you save may be your own.


Robert Piller, President of, has over 28 years of experience in running and implementing marketing campaigns and is a leader in promoting and distributing American-made promotional products, which includes one of the largest selections of reusable and tote bags, sports and water bottles, pens and pencils, awards, desk accessories and trade show giveaways – all made in the USA. His company’s website, features over 25,000 American-made promotional items in all price ranges, for any business or organization interested in keeping Americans working and supporting American factories and American jobs. The site’s handy search tool helps you easily find imprinted promotional items in your price range and time frame. You can also reach him by email (robert (at) or comment on his blog postings at or below at his Twitter link.