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Help Your Employees & Customers Protect Their SmartPhone and Tablet Data

January 22nd, 2013 No comments

Are you protecting your smart phone and tablet data?

Help Your Customers Get Their Smartphones back

Imprinted Smartphone Recovery Tags

According to a recent study by, 70% of people have lost a data storage device, which means that data can literally slip through our fingers.

The average person now loses 1.24 items a year (my teenage son loses that many per month it seems!!) and less than half of those are ever recovered.

The average cost of a lost item is $220.15, but it’s not just the value of the item itself that has an impact. 57% of people who had lost a device said that they were more upset about losing the data on the device than the device itself.

Give your employees and customers more piece of mind and security with imprinted recovery tags–that stick onto any smart phone or tablet – or can also attach to a key chain.

We have just partnered up with this vendor – as we can appreciate the value of security.

Great for trade shows and for membership gifts these adhesive labels and/or key tags are a great way for you to gain branded exposure– while providing a service to your clients.

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